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Making Rail Work

A community’s proposal for the re-introduction of an inter-city passenger rail link to Tauranga

The policy for inter-city and community rail networks should never have been abandoned in New Zealand without a proper inter-generational and cross-societal discussion. Networks like rail make everyone in society feel connected. Connected to the past, the present, and the future. Rail symbolises hope, in a way that no other mode of transport has done before. The longer we avoid the conversation, the more expensive it gets to fix the oversights of the past. It is time to start a new conversation.


This proposal presents a community’s appeal to our country’s local and central influencers. Please start including us in the discussions that will shape our futures, and the futures of those who follow us. We have a lot to offer. We are not here to attribute blame or highlight failings of the past. We just want to make our country’s infrastructure work for everyone, as opposed to just a select few. We champion co-operation in all of its forms, and hope you do too.

On 3rd August 2022, with the support of the Transport Minister, Hon Michael Wood MP, the team hosted an All Party meeting, which has resulted in a Select Committee enquiry into inter-city passenger rail. You can use the links below to watch the meeting and download our press release and proposal.

2021 Making Rail Work

Tarakin Global

The Tarakin Framework was commended as Best Practice in Government Communications by the UK’s Office of Government Commerce and received an excellent rating by the Number 10 Mission Critical Assessment Team in 2008. It has since been used as a tool for trouble-shooting complex policies that are not meeting their targets at all levels of government, including a range of public, private and community partnerships. 


 In 2020, Katrina joined the local Tauranga Rail Advocacy Group. Following an evidence gathering and stakeholder review exercise in 2021, Katrina agreed to draft this policy paper in the style she developed during her time as a strategic policy and communications adviser in the UK.


Established in January 2008, Tarakin Global Limited designed and conducted a range of primary stakeholder surveys and central government policy reviews for UK, European and Global policymakers. Katrina Ramage, company director, is currently advising the G20 on how to encourage values-driven policies in a post-COVID, post-Ukrainian war and climate-conscious world. All advice is apolitical and designed to invite scrutiny. 

Join the debate

Over the coming months we will be meeting with key influencers from across New Zealand to discuss the feasibility of the Making Rail Work recommendations. We will also be hosting a number of online discussion panels with global rail, regeneration and co-operative experts.


If you have materials, reports or evidence to contribute to the discussion then we would appreciate it if you could post them on our LinkedIn page. We are also happy to facilitate one-to-one meetings for those who want to talk through the proposal. Just complete the contact form and we will be in touch.